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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Go fuck yourself

Ok, so here's some potentially silly questions:

If technology made it possible to replicate yourself completely (not just copy your genes, but also somehow download the contents of your brain into your cloned body), and then you had sex with the clone, would this be considered something akin to incest? Perhaps masturbation? Do you think a future legislative body would ban such behavior? If it were perfectly legal and socially acceptable, do you think such behavior would be common? I really want to know what people think about this, so please leave comments. Also tell me if you think you would have sex with yourself given the opportunity.

By the way, as stupid as it sounds, what made me think of this was that godawful movie The Sixth Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger, where there's two of him running around fighting evil biotechnicians or whatever. I couldn't help but think that if there could be two Arnolds, then there could be thousands of them, all locked into some kind of Lovecraftian fleshy orgy. Creepy, huh?

If you paid a scientist to clone yourself for purposes of having sex only.. Thats brings new means to the hierarchy of prostitution. Now if they made do-it-yourself-to-do-yourself-machines that blackmarket consumers could use that would not have the ability to be held in court, you would be paying for the machine itself (which would probably be illegal). But the act of fucking another human being, or fully seperate sentient thing, would be probably be banned if it had the ability to reproduce. Now if it was purely homosexual, I believe that that would be legal, if it was a government that did not abide to any dogmatic contrived morals.

The thought of having some futuristic love-nest where people go to have sex with temporary clones of themselves that are vaporized after the deed is done is very intriguing. Perhaps if one escaped said "love-nest" and saw the sexual crematorium in action and then stalked his lover/self. NEAT!
( tim-a = me tim-c = clone)
At first, I was thinking that it would be more akin to masturbation; however, the moment that the mind of tim-c is complete, he becomes a different Tim over time. I don't find it to be completely incestual, as there is no shared family history. I have no idea how society would react, as the incest taboo is incredibly complicated.
If I had to guess, Jesus would be invoked by the masses and legislation to protect our favorite fable would be created.
Since fucking yourself (or a reasonable facsimile of..) would undoubtedly be the best way to satiate one's sexual desires, there probably would be a group of people with clone-gimps. That is, until they overthrow their genetically identical masters - and take their stuff while they're at it.
If given the opportunity, I probably would; but he's making breakfast.
Ugh. Thousands of Arnolds... fucking... At least it's not Bob Barker.

-- Tim
I don't really feel that fuckin' yourself would really be banned, because to get to that point cloning would have to be legalized. Which is quite a hurdle to overcome. If people were able to do that, I think there would have to be a massive cultural and political shift, which would intern making fucking yourself more socially acceptable.

But I would really be into it. Just think about it, you wouldn't have to put all of that work into a relationship. You could get down to what it's really all about...getting down with yourself...or something.

I think it would be more fun to challenge my clone to mortal combat. Although, this could happen after having sex with them.
A few thoughts:

Assuming that your clone had a separate consciousness than you, would said clone want to have sex with you (itself)? If it didn't, would it be considered rape? I'm sure it would to the clone, however, I could picture alot of people responding by saying that "it wouldn't matter, because it's me, and I don't mind."

On that same topic, assuming that once you cloned yourself there would be a separate, sentient being who would live on, what would happen in the ways of clone's rights? would people think clones should have rights, or even acknowledge that said clones really are separate, living entities?

Would clones be separate living entities with a separate consciousness, or would they share your consciousness? If they did, than suppose that every sensation they felt was amplified 2X (although I don't know if thats how shared consciousness would work). That would be some really good sex! Imagine the best sex you've ever had, times two, with the ability to feel both bodies at the same time. I would imagine that to many, this experience woud be seen as a sort of illuminization, a means of acheiving higher consciousness. Perhaps cults or secret societies would form around this practice alone, and all of the great mystics would make it a common practice to have sex with themselves.

Would these clones that we create live on to lead separate (or non separate) lives? If they did, that would add to the population problem considerably. Especially if every person had equal ablity to clone themselves (not only the rich should be abe to have sex with themselves...that's no fair), then population would double in as little time as a few years. And that's assuming everybody could only have one clone (which would be necessary to prevent people from making armies of themselves and conquering the world).

But, if sex and relationships with clones was glorified (by means of movies, media, romance stories and so on), then the clone could not only fulfill ones sexual cravings but also one's desire for romance. This would mean that clones would not merely be an intermediary for some lonely guy who just can't wait any longer to find a girlfriend, but would take the role of the girlfriend entirely. If this happened, homosexuality would be tolerated and encouraged, and the population may actually fall. In addition, marriage pictues would be much more amusing.

What if in order to have sex with another person (and possibly reproduce), your clone must be destroyed. Perhaps people would find this as a way to lessen population problems. But would it be okay to destroy your clone? Would you be commiting murder? That would essentilly be state sanctioned murder of innocents, if it was a law that they had to be destroyed. That might lead to clone resistance movements, and possibly even societies made entirely of clones. There would be a great war, in which thousands of us would kill ourselves. okay, I guess that was sort of cheezy.

Perhaps you could cryogenically freeze your clone. That way, if you wanted to reproduce, you would not have to kill your clone, but it would also not be using resources. And when you die, your clone could live on, which would bring an interesting new meaning to longevity.
I think it would be perfect to clone yourself but have it altered to female. Now that would be the perfect sex partner.
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